CASE: my boss did not include my reference number into my salary payment
First of all - don`t worry, your money will never be lost.
We use reference numbers to match payments to your profile. In case the reference number was not included - we still have the money, but we don`t know where to credit them. So, we need to check that this payment belongs to you.
To confirm that the payment is yours - ask your boss to extract a payment confirmation, and then send it to us at We need to be able to match it with your profile anyway, so please include your phone number and your name into that message. Our support staff will check the document and will credit the payment to your wallet manually. Due to the nature of this process, it is manual, and it will take about 2 days.
Please understand that we are not able to process all transactions manually, so if the situation repeats few times - we may decline any further payments.