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SOL Rewards system
Instant Buy/Sell BTC
With SOL Wallet, you can instantly buy or sell Bitcoins directly in the SOL app.
Open the Exchange screen of the app from its’ main screen. Choose the asset pair to exchange and the exchange direction, enter the amount (minimum exchange amount is USD $1 equivalent).
Please be aware that Instant Exchange may be not available when SOL does not have enough assets in stock (i.e. somebody purchased a lot of BTCs just before you). Our app will let you know about that.
Note that the exchange rate for small transactions (less than ZAR 500) may be slightly higher, so make sure to enter the desired amount first to see the actual live rate for your purchase.
Once you confirm the transaction, the exchange will happen instantly, and your asset balances will be changed accordingly.
SOL Wallet does not take any fees for exchange transactions.